Why struggle with outcome measurement on your own?

Innovations Quantified (IQ) will help your organization design practical data collection tools based on the information you decide is most important, and teach you how to analyze and learn from your key findings.

Our mantra – it doesn’t have to be complicated to be effective!

IQ’s proven step-by-step approach will get you up-and-running with an outcome measurement plan that is both meaningful and manageable. We’ll guide you through the process, building your internal capacity along the way.

Outcome Measurement - Innovations Quantified

Already have a plan in place, and looking to improve your existing materials or approach? We’ve got you covered!  We’ll meet you where you’re at, and help you get unstuck or take your work to the next level.

Not sure you need an ongoing consulting engagement? No problem.  Book a 1 or 2-hour session, and get quick, customized feedback with next step recommendations you can use right away.

IQ also partners with foundations to provide trainings, ongoing consulting projects, and/or quick feedback sessions to grantees, in addition to supporting their own internal efforts. Read about our innovative work with the Langeloth Foundation – one of our unique approaches for maximum impact.

Examples of Past Outcome Measurement Projects:

  • Working with the BRC to design and implement a process to regularly assess the impact of its New York City-wide homeless outreach services
  • Guiding the International Women’s Health Coalition in the development of its fiscal year outcomes, indicators, and data collection strategies for programs operating throughout the world
  • Helping Open Hands Legal Services establish a plan to clarify and track the results of the legal services it provides to low-income individuals
  • Analyzing and reporting on data collected by the BroaderWay Foundation

Feedback From a Few of IQ’s Outcome Measurement Clients:

“In working with Laurel Molloy to assess a program I had been deeply involved with for over twenty years, I was able to see and understand programmatic virtues and flaws for the first time. Things that I could talk about in only the most anecdotal way previously, became clear and multifaceted. it was a real revelation.”

Madeline Cohen, Education Director, Symphony Space

“Organizational change: it’s easier said than done, particularly when there’s a new face helping to put it into place.  But if it’s Laurel Molloy’s face…and intellect, heart and soul…then the odds of it getting done are good.  At BRC, she was the linchpin in our successful transition to evidence-based, data-driven management practices.   She did so by demonstrating immense respect for the exceptional professional work that our staff do, and by gaining their trust.”

Muzzy Rosenblatt, Executive Director, BRC: Bowery Residents’ Committee

“Laurel stepped in when we had already developed our annual plan and helped us to clarify what we wanted to measure during the year and how. She rapidly assessed the situation and grasped the essence of our work. Her deft facilitation helped us to develop a feasible and productive plan for monitoring the outcomes of our work.”

Susan Wood, Director of Special Projects, International Women’s Health Coalition (IWHC)

“Four years later, I am still using what Laurel taught me about setting up an evaluation procedure.  She explained the process thoroughly, listened to my input, and then helped me design the process for GOAL.  Now I can do it for myself for other programs.  She taught me to fish, rather than giving me a fish.  As a consultant in this area she is excellent.”

Kaffie McCullough, Founder & Executive Director, Girls Outdoor Adventure for Leadership (GOAL)


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