Our Mission

To help organizations increase their impact by putting their vision into action.

Our Philosophy

Keep it simple, strategically. It doesn’t have to be complicated to be effective.

The Context

To be viable, nonprofits must be able to understand and demonstrate the difference they are making – to report to external stakeholders, and more importantly, to inform internal conversations and decision-making. Yet many find the process overwhelming.

How We Can Help

If terms like logic model, theory of change, outputs vs. outcomes vs. indicators, and metrics leave you feeling anxious, annoyed, or lost, you’re not alone. We get it, and we’re here to help.

Innovations Quantified (IQ) uses familiar metaphors and basic templates to demystify terms and concepts, and get you on to more important things…like serving your constituents more efficiently and effectively!

Our approach is not one size fits all. It is driven by the realities of your particular organization, and designed to be managed without outside help.

Depending on your situation, IQ might:

    • Provide your staff with training on key terms and concepts
    • Facilitate a session with your stakeholders to map out the connection between organizational actions and outcomes, and ensure mission alignment
    • Work with your team to identify and refine tools for collecting information, incorporating your existing operations whenever possible
    • Find ways to ensure learning from and sharing your results a regular habit

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How We Got Here

IQ was founded in 1999 to address the nonprofit community’s growing need for practical assistance with outcome measurement and evaluation.

Today, IQ’s expanded services include training, facilitated brainstorming and program planning, always with a focus on outcomes.

Headquartered in New York City, IQ works with nonprofits and grantmakers from across the country and internationally. To date, no organization has proven too big or too small to help!

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Where We’re Headed

Our vision is a nonprofit sector that is truly outcome-focused. A sector where organizations begin every initiative with a clear picture of the change they seek, and then pay attention to whether it happens. A sector where foundations actively support agency efforts to measure and learn from their findings, without dictating what must be measured and by providing adequate funding to do so. A sector where information about past efforts helps guide future decisions to maximize efficiency and effectiveness. And we are committed to train, write, coach, consult, and collaborate on the topic until that vision is achieved!

Laurel Molloy, Founder & Lead Consultant

Laurel Molloy - Outcomes Measurement Consulting for NonprofitsAs founder and Lead Consultant, Laurel serves as IQ’s backbone and driving force.  She is actively involved in every client project, including those using a multi-person team. Her passion, attention to detail, and commitment to quality prevail in every aspect of the business.

Laurel began her life as a public servant at age 10, when she organized a neighborhood event and donated all of the proceeds ($25!) to charity.  Since then, in addition to her work as a consultant, she has served in direct service and supervisory roles in Vermont, Atlanta, and numerous points in between.

Laurel’s hands-on experience and passion for public service are complimented by her formal education. She holds an MPA in Nonprofit Management from NYU Wagner and a BA in Sociology and Women’s Studies from the College of the Holy Cross.

For her academic and professional endeavors, she has been honored with awards including the Robert F. Wagner Award for Public Service, the Thomas Imse Award for Dedication to Social Change, and theNYU Alumnae Award for Academic Excellence and Community Service.

Laurel serves on the Board of the Association of Nonprofit Specialists. She has also served as an adjunct professor at Baruch College – The City University of New York, and on the Selection Committee for the Nonprofit Excellence Awards. Her roots are in youth development, and she continues to feed that passion by running a one-week camp for children with chronic illnesses each summer. She brings this direct service experience to her work as a consultant, always aiming to ensure her efforts are efficient and strengthen an organization’s ability to meet its mission.