Innovations Quantified
takes its own outcomes very seriously, striving to make an immediate and lasting difference with every client. Here is a sampling of what IQ’s many satisfied clients have said.

“Thanks so much for the very informative session last week. I learned a great deal and have already applied lessons learned to a current grant application.”
Andrea Louie, Workshop Participant
Asian American Arts Alliance

“IQ’s workshops benefit both Foundation staff and grantees by making logic models clear and accessible, allowing organizations to articulate goals and the steps necessary to achieving desired program outcomes.”
Scott Moyer, President & Workshop Client
The Jacob and Valeria Langeloth Foundation

“IQ’s outcome measurement workshop helped us look more closely at what we need to focus on and how to more effectively get that information.”
Katie Cassano, Program Director & Workshop Client
FDNY Counseling Unit

“Rarely do I come away from a one-day training with something that I can use immediately and with very little additional work.  Thank you so much for simplifying something that seemed so daunting and overwhelming to me before.”
Laura McCrodden, Workshop Participant
Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Atlanta
“Very practical!  Everyone was very excited to practice what we learned.”
Jennifer Kurek, Workshop Participant
Common Ground

"Laurel Molloy is an experienced, knowledgeable facilitator of the outcome measurement process.  Her workshops are participatory, to the point and practical."
Don Crocker, Executive Director & Workshop Client
Support Center for Nonprofit Management


"Our success is predicated largely on the work of Laurel Molloy.  She organized our efforts, documented our work, created programs for camp, and advised the fledgling charity in its fund-raising and compliance activities.   Without Ms. Molloy's tireless and professional efforts, we could not have achieved all we did in such a short time."
Larry Levy, Board Chair
America's Camp Foundation
“Organizational change: it’s easier said than done, particularly when there’s a new face helping to put it into place.  But if it’s Laurel Molloy’s face…and intellect, heart and soul…then the odds of it getting done are good.  At BRC, she was the linchpin in our successful transition to evidence-based, data-driven management practices.   She did so by demonstrating immense respect for the exceptional professional work that our staff do, and by gaining their trust.”
Muzzy Rosenblatt, Executive Director
BRC: Bowery Residents’ Committee

Laurel Molloy has been integral in helping to grow and enhance our camp program for kids with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. She has guided us on every facet of running our camp - from staff training, volunteer management, developing policies, procedures and guidelines, to ensuring that all forms, applications and pertinent information is current and accurate. She leaves no stone unturned and is one of the most thorough and detail oriented people I have ever met!
Kimberly Frederick, Senior Vice President, Mission
The Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America

“Four years later, I am still using what Laurel taught me about setting up an evaluation procedure.  She explained the process thoroughly, listened to my input, and then helped me design the process for GOAL.  Now I can do it for myself for other programs.  She taught me to fish, rather than giving me a fish.  As a consultant in this area she is excellent.”
Kaffie McCullough, Founder & Executive Director
Girls Outdoor Adventure for Leadership (GOAL)
“The IQ process is user-friendly. It helps us design well thought-out programs and more importantly identify the outcomes we want to track. Talk about accountability.  It cuts out all the fluff in a program and makes everything intentional.”
Fai Walker, Program Director
Outward Bound: New York City Center

“Thanks to Laurel’s work, we have been able to use our outcomes data for a number of purposes, including program development, staff training, fundraising and marketing.”
Jerry Tipton, President
Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Atlanta

“The logic models and data collection instruments developed by Laurel are solid and sophisticated, yet manageable at the same time.  They serve as an excellent model for community organizations.”
Martha Taylor Greenway, Vice President
United Way of Metro Atlanta
“Laurel took hard to measure/observe program goals and created a state-of-the-art outcome measurement tool that reflects our program impact on the behavioral changes of our campers.”
Mike Miller, Director
Camp Kiwanis

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