Using an outside facilitator is a great way to kick-start a new initiative and ensure everyone is on the same page. IQ will customize its training and facilitation services to suit your group’s size and specialty, and help you get started on the right foot!

Sample Topics:
-      Introduction to Logic Models
-      Program Planning with Purpose
-      Outcome Measurement in a Nutshell
-      Making Outcome Measurement Meaningful & Manageable
-      How to Write A Winning Grant Proposal
-      Surveys & Beyond: Designing Practical Data Collection Tools
-      The Results Are In! Now What? Understanding & Presenting Your Findings
Sample Formats:
-      2 Hours - excellent for conferences
-      Half-day - perfect as part of an annual meeting or staff retreat
-      1 Day - great to kick-off a new season or initiative
-      2 Days - best for in-depth organizational exploration
-      Virtual - ideal for geographically dispersed groups, with visual components presented online
- - -- in real time and a conference call system for discussion

          ~ Contact IQ for a free consultation to explore whether this service is right for you. ~

Throughout the year and across the country, IQ also provides workshops that are open to the public. Looking for a basic introduction to outcome-based work? Join us!

2012 Public Workshop Schedule:
-      Rethinking Grant Writing, January 18th, Newark, NJ
-      Preparing & Presenting Your Outcome Findings, January 19th, New York, NY
-      Plan, Write & Speak With Greater Impact, February 3rd, New York, NY
-      Making Outcome Measurement Meaningful & Manageable, April 27th, Toledo, OH
-      Plan, Write & Speak With Greater Impact, Spring Date TBD, New York, NY
-      Making Outcome Measurement Meaningful & Manageable, May 15th, New York, NY
-      More workshops will be added throughout the year. Please check back again!

Participate in an
IQ session and learn to:
-      Develop a meaningful mission statement
-      Plan programs strategically
-      Write winning grants
-      Manage projects efficiently and effectively
-      Measure and report key outcomes
-      Identify what’s working and what’s not
-      Increase your impact