IQ's Outcome Measurement Guidebook
Finally – Outcome Measurement Strategies Anyone Can Understand is Laurel Molloy’s to-the-point guidebook designed for those who prefer working with people instead of spreadsheets. Straightforward explanations, recommendations, and user-friendly exercises give readers the knowledge and skills needed to develop a solid outcome measurement system for their organization. Preview its Contents here.

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Reader’s Corner
“Laurel Molloy’s workshops and book have helped me better understand and use the tools of outcomes-based evaluation.  Her clear, concise, and memorable exercises and examples are essential for any educator or organization to increase their impact.”
- William Crow, Museum Educator & University Professor

Purchasers of this book include the American Red Cross, United Nations ILO, Columbia University Business School, Outward Bound, and United Way.

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“Developed through years of work with real nonprofits, the book offers concrete recommendations that will help even the least evaluation-inclined individuals gather the data they need to position their organization for success.”
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